European Decision-Making in the Budgetary Field: Actors, Dynamics and Procedures

11-12/May/2009  •  Maastricht

Project Leader
Dr Theo Jans
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Participants will be given a clear and concise explanation of the procedures to be followed in adopting the EU budget, the role of the different actors and the principles involved. Moreover, they will be given an insight into the linkage mechanisms between political strategy and elaboration of the budget and the possible tensions that it engenders. A case study will give the participants a practical example of interinstitutional negotiations in the budgetary field, thus providing them with a basis to put the lessons learnt during this course into practice. Finally, a workshop will provide the opportunity for a collective analysis and an exchange of views on the main subjects discussed over the two days.

The group of participants will consist mainly of officials of the European institutions and national administrations of new Member States and candidate countries, as well as consultants on financial management and performance management, and policy and programme evaluators who are directly or indirectly affected by European decision making on financial issues and their links with political strategy.