EU Banking and Financial Law: What to Expect from New Regulatory and Supervisory Initiatives

18-19/Jun/2009  •  Maastricht

Project Leader
Rita Beuter
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The complex causes of the current financial crisis are manifold and can be confusing depending on what side of the Atlantic the information is coming from, where the emphasis is laid (i.e. what exactly caused the crisis), and what the reactions bring in terms of suggested solutions to the perceived problems.

Certainly in the field of financial services, in particular with regard to banking and investment entities, many ideas have been put forward for new and stricter regulation and enforcement, for new rules and for a new global regulatory structure of enhanced cooperation between supervisors. Reactions from many jurisdictions vary widely. This seminar will focus on the plans for EU revision of financial services rules and supervisory issues.

The seminar will focus particularly on the “de Larosière Report” of 25 February 2009, which makes 31 recommendations for the future of European financial regulation and supervision. In the meantime, on 18 March, the UK regulator also produced an action plan for regulatory reform; furthermore, the G20 meeting will address this issue as a priority.

Therefore, this new and timely EIPA seminar will address both the background and causes of the current financial crisis, as well as looking at the proposed solutions for a new regulatory framework. Expert thought leaders from the Commission, ECB, academia and experts in the financial services sector will comment on the progress made and will provide documentation of interest to policy makers, lawyers and the private sector (financial services institutions in general).