Transparency and Data Protection: Cooperating or Conflicting Elements of Good Governance?

8-9/Jun/2009  •  Maastricht

Project Leader
Cosimo Monda
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Target group:
This seminar is designed for anyone whose work relies on public access to documents or relates to the treatment of sensitive information. It is aimed at, among others, data protection officers, European, national and sub-national officials, lawyers specialising in privacy law, staff of civil liberties associations, lobbyists, journalists, researchers and informed observers.

The seminar will familiarise the participants with the various aspects of “openness and transparency and data protection” in the EU. While linking the concept of transparency with the broader issues of political accountability and democratic deficit, the sessions will in particular cover some selected relevant aspects: the new EU transparency initiative, public access to documents, treatment of sensitive data, relevant case law as well as the role of the Member States.

A combination of lectures, structured discussions and case studies.

At the end of the seminar the participants will have a sound understanding of “the politics of information” at European level, be more aware of the rights and obligations underpinning the access and treatment of documents and have a better insight into the strategies aimed at promoting an open Europe.