European Decision-Making in the Budgetary Field: Actors, Dynamics and Procedures

3-4/May/2010  •  Maastricht


Interpretations available in English.

Project Leader
Dr Theo Jans
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This two-day course will provide an intensive overview of the EU decision-making process in the budgetary field and the different ways in which the EU institutions interact in all phases of this process.

The seminar offers a discussion of the revenue and expenditure sides of the EU budget and provides an overview of the different aspects of the budgetary cycle including the revenue, the programming, the adoption, the execution, the evaluation and the discharge of the EU budget.

Participants will be given a clear and concise explanation of the budgetary procedures in place, the role of the different actors and the principles involved. Moreover, they will be given an insight into the linkage mechanisms between political strategy and elaboration of the budget and the possible tensions that it engenders.

The program will be offered by EIPA staff but an effort will be made to also incorporate a strong practitioners’ perspective through the inclusion of Council and Commission officials. The programme below is a provisional programme established to clarify the possible content of the seminar.