European e-Justice and Practical Solutions (Advanced level)

24/May/2013-30/Dec/2099  •  Luxembourg


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Project Leader
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Target group
This seminar addresses lawyers, judges, judicial officers and other legal practitioners who wish to discover the general framework and main tools of European e-Justice. It is also relevant to officials of ministries of justice, who are involved in the computerisation of courts and judicial services, and of national ministries involved in development of e-Government projects. Staff of legal documentation centres and of NGOs can also benefit from the hands-on approach to existing European online resources.

e-Justice has been under discussion at European level since 2007. Solving interoperability issues, providing legal surety and developing practical comparative law are key aspects of the future development of European e-Justice. This seminar builds on the programme of the seminar for beginners, to address the issues related to future developments of European e-Justice.
The existing European roadmap covers the objectives for European projects in the field of e-Justice up until 2013. Some of the existing projects will only bear visible results after that period since development of European-wide IT projects necessitates a lot of preliminary groundwork. The seminar will describe the practical implications for judicial organisation of the ongoing projects and evaluate the business case for further projects in the period 2014-2020.

Learning methodology
Presentations, discussions, intervention of experts; all allow for Q&A sessions and discussion of potential impact of e-Justice tools on the work of legal practitioners.

The objectives of this seminar are twofold:
• firstly, to focus in detail on the questions related to interoperability, legal security, legal and semantic interoperability, which need to be solved for each of the existing ongoing projects, while presenting the tools which will shortly be available to one or several legal professions;
• secondly, to evaluate the feasibility of development of further projects building on existing national projects and implementation of new European legal instruments.

Special Discount of 390€ will be offered to participants who register for both E-justice seminars (Beginners and Advanced level, 23- 24 May 2013).