Evaluation of Public Policies: Learning from Comparative Experiences

21-22/Feb/2013  •  Barcelona

Project Leader
Gracia Vara Arribas
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Target group
Directors or civil servants responsible for designing evaluation systems, managing and monitoring evaluations carried out by external evaluators; as well as those responsible for controlling public administrations at different governmental levels, and who need to develop or are interested in developing their knowledge about public policy evaluation.

The seminar does not aim to train participants on how to use evaluation techniques; however, those techniques will be presented and explained with the aim of analysing the advantages and disadvantages that justify the use of some techniques above others. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of evaluation, to learn how to design an evaluation, prepare and define the scope of work, how to negotiate with evaluators and control the quality of an evaluation, etc. Experiences of institutionalising evaluation systems in different European countries will also be presented.

Learning methodology
Presentations on real experiences, debates with a practical perspective. The sessions will be complemented by referenced material and documentation that will offer an adequate source of information to those wishing to gain more in-depth knowledge. The seminar sessions will be divided according to the following scheme: the first sessions will focus on the reasons for evaluation, on showing its critical importance in the policy formulation process, and on how to design an evaluation. The following sessions will be devoted to seeing how institutional capacity can be developed for a better evaluation through different experiences of European public administrations. The final sessions will include the evaluation in practice, the role of evaluators and various methods and tools which are regularly used in evaluation. Participants will also have the opportunity during the second day to present problems or queries on evaluation issues that they face in their own practice, and will be offered suggestions on how to address them. Finally, different cases will be presented and discussed with the participants.

The seminar aims to broaden participants’ knowledge about evaluation systems of public policies in Europe and to improve their skills in designing, managing and monitoring evaluation activities. The main aim is not to train participants as evaluators, but to put them in a position to manage evaluations and understand the basics of certain tools and approaches so they can competently interact with (external or internal) evaluators and assess the quality of their work.