European Union Civil Service Law

27-28/Nov/2014  •  Brussels


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Project Leader
Tomasz Kramer
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Target group
The conference is targeted towards civil servants and officials of the EU institutions and agencies, assigned to personnel and/or legal services, and dealing with issues relating to public administration; members of trade unions and professional organisations of the EU; lawyers specialised in public administration litigation in the EU; national experts of public administration; as well as officials of international organisations (non-EU) responsible for personnel matters.

The European Centre for Judges and Lawyers – EIPA Luxembourg – held a conference in November 2012 and October 2013, on the theme ‘The European Union Civil Service Law’. These were a great success and attracted the enthusiasm of many participants, including judges from the European Union Civil Service Tribunal, legal representatives of the European institutions, university professors, and lawyers specialised in this field. In this context, EIPA wishes to repeat the experience, whilst offering a different format and exploring some of the specific points of the subject.

Learning methodology
In addition to traditional presentations, this year the focus will be on discussions between the experts and participants.

The aim of the conference is twofold: first, to inform participants about recent developments in the case law of the Civil Service Tribunal and to look in more detail at specific issues regarding civil service litigation in the EU, including those which are currently on the agenda; and secondly, to allow for a debate and a critical assessment of this case law among the key actors concerned, namely judges, lawyers and staff of the institutions.

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