EU Law for Non-Lawyers

13-15/Oct/2014  •  Luxembourg

Project Leader
Dr Alina Domaradzka
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This seminar is fully booked. A next edition will be organised in February 2015. Contact the programme organiser for further details or pre-bookings.

Target group

EU regulatory affairs professionals from business and professional associations, officials and specialists in the national administrations and EU institutions who are non-lawyers, but are affected – directly or indirectly – by European Union legislation, for instance by participating in EU law-making or law approximation processes, or when applying national laws derived from EU law. Other professionals wishing to gain or expand their knowledge of EU law will also benefit from this training.

The body of national law derived from EU directives and regulations expands into all areas of government, and officials in both national and EU administrations play an increasingly active role as administrators and enforcers of EU law. Therefore, they need sufficient understanding of legal norms to avoid actions incompatible with EU legislation, leading to compensation claims against them and their authority. On the other hand, regulatory affairs professionals from business and professional associations are required to possess good knowledge of the EU legislative framework in order to actively influence the EU law-making process. This tutorial provides a concentrated, in-depth introduction into the most important rules of EU law. It is divided into two modules, starting with the EU legal framework and decision-making process, moving on to the new comitology system after Lisbon, and ending with Internal Market rules and proceedings before the Court of Justice. Case studies and workshops will allow participants to enhance their skills in solving legal problems and applying their knowledge in a practical legal context.

Module 1 (day 1 and 2)
The EU legal system; comitology procedure after Lisbon; decision-making process at EU level; Internal Market and the principle of mutual recognition.

Module 2 (day 3)
Consequences of breaches of EU law by the Member States and EU institutions; infringement proceedings; actions for annulment, damages actions.

Learning methodology
The programme is divided into two modules to offer participants flexibility in adapting the event to their needs. The tutorial involves coaching by EIPA lecturers and external experts for small groups of participants, allowing for individualisation of the training. The workshops should put the knowledge gained by participants into a practical context to demonstrate the relevance and consequences of EU rules for their daily work. In addition, a particular emphasis will be put on interaction between participants to allow for the exchange of their day-to-day practices.

• To provide non-lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the fundamental concepts of EU law and the EU law-making process, and to deepen their understanding of their role in this process and obligations imposed by EU law to which they are subject;
• To allow participants to gain a practical understanding of the comitology process after Lisbon;
• To fine-tune the practical understanding of the relevance and impact of EU legislation on their daily work and the mechanisms of its correct implementation into national systems;
• To provide a platform for the exchange of experience and information sharing.


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