Public Sector Innovation Lab: Innovation Update, Business Cases and Practical Tools

10-11/Dec/2015  •  Barcelona

Project Leader
Alexander Heichlinger
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Target group
This new programme is addressed to public officials and leaders at the forefront of public service design and/or modernisation and reform efforts from all levels of public administration, as well as to policy officers, staff from NGOs, think tanks and other bodies who are eager to learn how to create innovative and radically new policies and services responding to the specific local, regional or national challenges.

Facing increasingly complex challenges and tight budgets, the public sector needs and seeks to innovate. Changes towards more collaborative ways of working, or developing new approaches from service design to delivery can be found in many administrations. New needs, new agents, new ways of communication and new governance models to avoid bureaucracy and excessive control are high on the public/political agenda. EIPA in collaboration with NESTA, the leading UK independent charity backing innovation, and Design for Europe invite you to this PSI ‘lab’, which will pave the way towards more strategic and systematic approaches to innovation. This will include the reform potential of digital technologies, improved access to services, co-design and co-creation, involving citizens and/or businesses in new service designs and/or modernisation processes, as well as diverse means of innovation management.

Participants will actively apply and be familiarised with two different leading practical innovation methodologies – design thinking and innovation strategy approaches – to gain inspiration and tools that can be applied to their own national, regional or local contexts. These interactive workshops will be accompanied by first hand examples of public sector innovation showcased in the European Public sector Award (EPSA) – the European network of public sector excellence generating valuable know-how and vital results.

Learning methodology

This two-day activity will combine theory (presentations), practices – such as (EPSA) case studies and a panel session, a visit to the Barcelona Design Centre and two ‘Public Sector Innovation Lab’ workshops – to present tools and methodologies to define and manage innovation in participants’ own organisations. Participants will thus work with two different approaches and learn how to co-design innovative user-centred services and how to develop an Innovation Agenda: from defining challenges, to ultimately converting them into projects ready for launch. Finally, a glossary on selected EU funds available for innovation in the public sector will be distributed.

This practice-oriented seminar aims to provide participants with a sound background to the main innovation challenges in the public sector, as well as successful existing and rewarded innovation cases. In addition, participants will acquire the skills to formulate challenges, co-create and co-design new services, to draft an innovation agenda for their respective organisation, and ultimately learn how to develop (successful) innovation projects.