Active Learning & Technical Assistance: How to Select and Develop a Convincing Project Strategy for EU 2020 Funding - Dos and Donts!

9-11/May/2016  •  Barcelona

Project Leader
Alexander Heichlinger
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Target group
This practical seminar and the technical assistance (TA) service are addressed to all levels of public administrations (and their agencies), and particularly sub-state authorities or bodies in charge of or involved in the design, development and implementation of projects subject to compliance with European funds. It will also be of interest to NGOs, associations, university departments and consultants that are planning to apply for EU calls for proposal (or tenders) with their project(s).

Following the successful delivery of 30 seminars and having equipped nearly 1000 participants across Europe with the necessary skills over the last EU financial period, one of EIPA Barcelona’s flagship activities has been revamped in line with the new financial framework 2014-2020 and its supportive actions. Without losing the essence of the seminar, i.e. how to be better prepared to compete in the EU funding arena (Do’s & Don’ts), this seminar will address several new aspects when developing added-value projects, convincing proposals or bids for EU funds and their territory.

NEW ELEMENT: Bring your own project ideas and proposals to receive individual feedback from our experts! In two tailor-made technical assistance sessions you will have the unique opportunity to ask specific questions and receive concrete answers. If you are interested in this service, once you are registered, you will receive further specifications.

Learning methodology
A unique combination of theory (presentations), practice (two interactive group exercises and role plays, i.e. building an intercultural ‘bridge’ and preparing real business cases or project proposals subject to an EU evaluation panel) and tailor-made technical assistance sessions allows participants to quickly grasp the most relevant guiding principles and rules when it comes to preparing a successful bid for EU funding, and to apply this knowledge in practice. A specific new glossary of the main EU financing instruments (2014-2020) available and screened from the local and regional actors’ perspective, and related web links will be provided to each participant to support the sessions.

The main aim of this seminar is to prepare participants to compete in the ever-changing arena of EU funding. Each programme or initiative has its own objectives or specific characteristics; but as far as the ‘key rules of the game’ are concerned, elements and success criteria continue to converge and show a harmonised pattern. By learning about the main EU funds, Dos and Don’ts for designing and writing proposals as well as the terminology and key concepts of EU projects, the seminar will allow the participants to increase their success rate in the EU funding ‘jungle’ as well as their absorption capacity.
This seminar will also be held in:
10/May/17 • Barcelona