Efficient and Effective Writing in English: Advanced Level

17-18/Oct/2016  •  Maastricht  •  EIPA members' fee: €900

Project Leader
Harrie Scholtens
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Target group
Public service employees who already feel fairly confident about producing formal documents in English and want to elevate the quality of their texts to a higher level. This workshop primarily addresses former participants of the workshop ‘Formal Writing in English for Public Officials’; it also welcomes other public officials who are open to classic, collaborative, and creative approaches to efficient and effective writing in the workplace

During this workshop, you will explore a wide range of tried-and-tested strategies for structuring, drafting, and revising official documents in English. In addition, this hands-on workshop will focus on the improvement of your own texts, e.g., unfinished work brought with you from the workplace. Apart from your personal efforts, you will benefit from the feedback provided by other participants. The trainer will guide you throughout the entire process and complement it with on-the-spot language feedback.

Learning methodology
• Trainer input regarding effective approaches to writing in the workplace, based on findings from the practice and research of teaching professional writing.
• Individual and small group exercises as well as group discussions.

• To become familiar with new techniques and approaches to writing in the workplace.
• To develop your formal writing skills by analysing other people’s texts, supported by the trainer.
• To work intensively on the revision of official documents you bring in.

This seminar has also been held in:
9/Nov/15 • Maastricht