Better Public Service Delivery and Cost Reduction through Innovative Change Management Processes

25-26/Feb/2016  •  Amsterdam

Project Leader
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Target group
This seminar is designed for managers and change agents involved in or aiming at public sector innovation and change management. This includes public officials from central, regional and local administrations engaged in public service delivery, as well as project managers and project developers who want to improve their knowledge and practical skills in relation to system-wide change processes in the public administration.

The key question for public administrations across Europe is: how can the public sector find radical new ways of delivering better services and outcomes at significantly lower costs? Innovative system-wide change processes and provision of customer-focused service delivery models, designed around the needs of the users, hold a significant potential to improve both effectiveness and efficiency in public service delivery.

The seminar is developed in cooperation with the winner of the European Public Sector Award - EPSA 2015 (Local level category), the Youth Protection Amsterdam Region – a certified youth care institution – that initiated an innovative system-wide change process with a strategic focus on value creation for the clients, new network governance, a client-focused case management and introduction of new IT support systems. The results are tangible and impressive: reduction of administrative burdens by 75% and societal cost savings of €30 million so far.

The seminar is a unique opportunity to learn from the successes of the Youth Protection organisation and to gain practical insight and tools on how to design and manage innovative change processes leading to radical results. The seminar will take place at the premises of the Youth Protection organisation in Amsterdam where participants will learn directly from the management and staff involved in the change processes. Furthermore, participants will experience how redesign of the physical work place can support new organisational work processes.

The focus of the seminar is how to create budget savings and at the same time increase the quality in public service delivery through innovative system change and change management processes. The seminar will take the participants through the steps of a successful change process. The focus will be on both the internal processes (different staff categories) and the external processes (cooperation with stakeholders and involvement of the clients). Participants will be actively involved in the seminar through discussions and in tailor-made exercises.

Learning methodology
The seminar applies a practice-learning perspective and will benefit from the EPSA 2015 winning project to illustrate the current trends in public service innovation and how system-wide change processes can lead to significant cost reductions and improved quality in public service delivery.

Participants will gain insights and tools on:
• how to design and manage successful organisational change processes in cooperation with staff;
• how system change and testing of new solutions benefit public innovation processes;
• how co-creation of services with citizens leads to value-creation for clients and cost reduction.

The objective is to enhance participants’ understanding of system-wide changes and focus on client value creation as concepts for more cost-efficient public service delivery and to equip them with concrete tools in relation to change management processes and human-centred design approaches, which they will be able to apply in their own organisational contexts.