Advanced Training Course: Data Protection Compliance in the EU

20-22/Feb/2017  •  Maastricht *

* optional 'Certification exam'  on 23/Feb/2017 for €470
Project Leader
Cristiana Turchetti
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What is this course about?
This course has been specifically designed to give professionals responsible for data protection issues within their organisations the key resources and practical information they need in their daily work. This is an advanced training course where participants will further develop the professional skills necessary to be a top-performing data protection professional. Numerous practical examples, combined with a high level of interactivity, provide participants with all they need to know about data protection compliance in theory and practice, as well as an insight into how to handle the myriad issues that arise in the workplace on a daily basis in such a challenging and quickly developing working area.

How will it help you?
By following this advanced training course participants, will further develop the professional skills necessary to be a top-performing data protection professional. The programme has a practice-oriented focus, providing participants with in-depth knowledge of the current issues relating to data protection compliance in theory and practice.
The objective is to enable participants to deepen their working knowledge of data protection and to qualify them as data protection specialists. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance after completing the training course.

Who will most benefit?
This advanced course is designed for anyone whose work relates to the processing of personal data. It is aimed, among other people, at data protection officers, privacy officers, compliance officers, information officers, information security officers, ICT employees, record managers, lawyers, human resources officers, and any other data protection professionals.

EIPA DPO Professional Certification & Examination

The certification is offered in cooperation with the network of DPOs and for the EPSO Competition for Administrators in the Field of Data Protection it is considered an asset by the European Union.

1. Individuals wishing to obtain EIPA’s professional certificate must:
a. Study the course materials.
b. Complete 2,5 days of face-to-face training (to be held in Maastricht in 20-23 February 2017).
c. Pass the examination (held in Maastricht twice every year).

The examination consists of a multiple-choice test and open questions covering a broad range of relevant knowledge and topics that are not, or only partially, dealt with in this advanced training course.

To pass the exam candidates must have basic knowledge and good understanding of data protection. To this end EIPA will provide access to the course materials. Candidates must prepare for the exams in advance.

Topics covered in the examination:
Current EU legal framework including European Convention and OECD Guidelines Directive 95/46/EC and national legislation in practice; Regulation 45/2001 in practice; The existing regimes in the former third pillar area; Data protection principles and main concepts; Actors and roles; Data subject rights; Transfers of personal data, contractual clauses, BCRs, etc.; Case law on personal data protection from ECHR and ECJ; Data protection supervisory authorities; Access to documents and data protection; Big data, cloud computing, analytics, the internet of things; Data security; Cybersecurity; Privacy by design; Privacy impact assessment; Data protection audit.
2. Participants in this course wishing to obtain the professional certificate must:
1. Register for the optional workshop ‘DPO Certification: Preparing for the exam’.
2. Study the course materials and prepare. To this end EIPA will provide access to the course materials in advance after payment of the fee.
3. Pass the examination on Thursday 23 February 2017.

The preparatory workshop will give participants ample opportunity to ask questions or discuss certain issues.

3. Individuals who are already EIPA-certified and who already obtained their certificate can use this course to update their knowledge and maintain the validity of their certificate. They do not need to pass the examination again; participation in the advanced course extends the validity of the certification with one year.

Check here the Data Protection Certification Policy

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