Introductory and Practitioners Seminar: European Public Procurement Rules, Policy and Practice

19-22/Sep/2017  •  Maastricht  •  EIPA members' fee: €1580

Project Leader
Rita Beuter
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What is this seminar about?
This comprehensive seminar will provide you with an understanding of the principles and procedures of European public procurement policy, focusing on the Public Procurement Directives and relevant case law. You will be guided through the Public Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU, the Utilities Directive 2014/25/EU and the Directive 2014/23/EU on the award of concession contracts. During the seminar you will receive insights into the application of professional procurement practices. The four-day programme will begin with an ‘Introductory Seminar: European Public Procurement for Newcomers to Procurement’, which will be held on 19 September 2017. The three-day ‘Practitioners’ Seminar: European Public Procurement Rules, Policy and Practice’ will commence on the following day.

How will it help you?
After the four-day seminar you should have:
  • a good understanding of the European rules and principles on public procurement, including case law and green procurement;
  • awareness of the various phases in the procurement cycle and its practical implications;
  • insights into professional procurement practices;
  • an exchange of experiences with professionals from other countries and organisations in dealing with public procurement.

Who will benefit most?
This seminar is intended for officials from national, sub-national and local authorities and other public bodies from the EU Member States, candidate countries and European bodies and organisations, who wish to familiarise themselves with European public procurement rules, policy and practice, as well as for other interested persons working in this field, for example representatives from industry and academia.
This seminar has also been held in:
14/Feb/17 • Maastricht