EU Environmental Law for Non-Lawyers

15-16/Jun/2017  •  Luxembourg  •  EIPA members' fee: €810

Project Leader
Igor Dizdarevic
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What is this course about?
With more than 200 legal acts currently in force at EU level, environment represents one of the densest and furthest-reaching areas of EU law. EU environmental law covers a wide range of topics: both sectoral, such as for example waste management, nature protection or water management; and horizontal, such as climate change and environmental impact assessment. Environmental legislation also confers rights to individuals or NGOs, such as access to justice, access to information, and public participation in environmental matters.

All the above-mentioned topics greatly influence the everyday work of a wide range of public authorities and administrations, private companies whether carrying out industrial activities or providing services, and NGOs who aim at protecting the environment; this seminar thus offers a comprehensive overview of the main areas of environmental protection at EU level, including the obligations it imposes on Member States and sometimes on the private sector, as well as rights it creates for individuals and NGOs.

How will it help you?
The course will help you understand to implement obligations and invoke rights derived from EU environmental legislation. It will also get you up to date with the latest developments in the relevant environmental area.

Who will most benefit?
All parties interested in understanding the EU’s dense environmental legislation without necessarily having a legal background, civil servants and staff of public administrations, NGOs, environmental networks, as well as private sector actors with an interest in EU environmental law.