Seasonal School: Challenges to the EU

10-14/Jul/2017  •  Luxembourg  •  EIPA members' fee: €1510

Project Leaders
Petra Jeney
Tomasz Kramer
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The European integration project has been facing distinct challenges lately, affecting the core of the EU’s policy-making capacity and to an even greater extent the political commitment of its Member States. The build-up of recent events brings up dilemmas that go far beyond the deepening or widening paradigm and push the European Union to set out its mission more convincingly. The seminar aims to find clues as to how the EU is responding to the migration crisis, Brexit, the creation of financial and fiscal union and an energy union, climate change and how EU Member States facilitate or obstruct the European level initiatives. The seminar therefore not only discusses the most intriguing issues that have recently shaken Europe, but also aims to map out the various responses provided and to elaborate on their potential impact on European integration. At the end of the course, you will be aware of:
  • the complexity of the current challenges and European policy making;
  • the fundamental questions that the current challenges pose;
  • the responsibility of the European Union and Member States’ political leadership.

The detailed programme of this seminar will be available soon.

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