How to Litigate before the Court of Justice of the European Union?

2-4/Oct/2017  •  Luxembourg  •  EIPA members' fee: €990

Project Leader
Petra Jeney
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What is this course about?
This seminar provides a practical overview of the European Court’s procedures and will help deepen your knowledge of the various written and oral phases of the Courts’ procedures: how to draft the application, the response, the reply and the rejoinder, and how to prepare for the oral hearing. It will also set out how to plead in an appeal case and ask for legal assistance, soas to promote the quality of judicial protection in the European Union’s legal system and to ensure speedy and smooth proceedings.

The programme consists mainly of discussions based on case studies and presentations offering practical tips. The cases will relate to frequently arising situations in which actions are brought against Member States, in which Member States lodge complaints against the Commission, and in which Member States bring an action for annulment based on the infringement of basic principles of EU law or a review of the legality of certain provisions.

How will it help you?
You will gain extensive knowledge about the litigation procedures within the EU Courts and a clear understanding of particular procedural aspects, practical problems and how to resolve them, and their role in the proceedings.

Who will benefit most?

This seminar addresses the needs of lawyers, judges and government legal representatives who apply European Union law in their work and require a deeper understanding of the different litigation procedures within the Court of Justice of the European Union and the General Court of the European Union. Other professionals within the legal and judicial fields, academics, and people working in national and European administrations who are involved in topics concerning the functioning of the European Courts will also benefit from this seminar.


The detailed programme of this seminar will be available soon.

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