The Common Assessment Framework: The Reference Model for Total Quality Management in the Public Sector

28-30/Jun/2017  •  Barcelona

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What is this course about?seminar_confirmed_EIPA
The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a Total Quality Management (TQM) tool specifically designed for the development of TQM in public sector organisations, starting with a self-assessment of their organisational performance leading to an effective improvement plan that brings the organisation step-by-step to the maturity level of Excellence. On the basis of an in-depth study on the implementation of the CAF 2006 in which 400 users participated, the CAF 2013 version was realised and is now the new standard. More than 4 000 organisations in many countries within and outside Europe have implemented the CAF. The CAF 2013 model has been translated into more than 25 languages.

Performance management in public administration has a long history and, in all probability, a long road ahead. New Public Management (NPM) reforms worldwide have introduced a variety of performance measurement and management practices. Recent developments have corrected some aspects of the NPM and broadened the scope towards New Public Governance forms. This development from the traditional Weberian bureaucratic public organisation of the NPM towards the New Governance approach follows different rhythms in the different European countries and public organisations. However, performance management has gradually become an integral part of all modern governance arrangements.

What was missing was the global, holistic approach integrating all aspects of the functioning of public sector organisations, driving them towards Excellence and the ultimate level of performance. The Common Assessment Framework 2013 provides this approach.

This three-day training course will focus on the total organisational performance. In fact, TQM has evolved towards overall organisational management, including all aspects of the functioning of public administrations and the results they achieve. Performance is looked at in the two senses of the word: performance as the way we do things, and performance as the results we achieve and the outputs and outcomes we deliver.

How will it help you?
At the end of this three-day training course, you should have a clear understanding of

  • the CAF 2013 quality model itself, the scoring system and the self-assessment process;
  • how to implement the CAF 2013;
  • how to use the CAF for self-assessment and to formulate improvement actions;
  • how to prioritise improvement actions on a short-term, medium-term and long-term basis.

Who will benefit most?
Public top and middle managers as well as quality and change managers interested and/or involved in introducing management tools and quality management techniques in the public sector.