European Project Management Academy: From Theory in Practice in 4 Steps

23-27/Oct/2017  •  Maastricht  •  EIPA members' fee: €1510

Project Leader
Cristiana Turchetti
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What is this course about?
The main objective of the EIPA Project Management Academy is to present and combine the essential elements of modern and effective project management, including current trends, techniques, tools and best practices, in order to provide a complete project management training programme. The course will incorporate elements from a wide range of globally-accepted project management best practices, as described in standards and methodologies (European Commission standard project management guidelines and the Logical Framework Approach (PCM, Pm², PMBOK and PRINCE2)), as well as operational experiences from various international organisations and professional services firms (such as the European Commission, United Nations, Ernst & Young, and PWC). All project phases, from initiation to conclusion, will be explained.

How will it help you?
You will benefit from theoretical explanations and practical exercises. Each step will be explained and tools, techniques, templates and examples of implemented methodologies and projects will be presented. Working groups will require a participatory approach and role plays, and will receive feedback during plenary question and answer sessions. Most importantly, you will have the chance to work on your own projects during the course.

To assess the training needs and to ensure the same level of learning objectives, once you have registered you will undergo a short electronic assessment of your project management general knowledge. This assessment will also help the EIPA project leader to select the relevant project examples and topics to be used in the working groups.

Who will benefit most?
Project managers, desk officers and officials of public, private and international organisations, NGOs and universities interested in the implementation of EC projects and other internationally and nationally funded programmes and projects. The course is also relevant for managing authorities (national and regional) who receive support from Structural Funds to inform potential beneficiaries, select the projects and generally monitor implementation of the programmes.


The detailed programme of this seminar will be available soon.

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