Public Sector Innovation Lab: Innovation Updates, Business Cases and Practical Tools

11-12/Dec/2017  •  Barcelona  •  EIPA members' fee: €900

Project Leaders
Alexander Heichlinger
Julia Bosse
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This interactive annual public sector innovation lab aims to provide you with a sound background to the main innovation challenges and trends in the public sector, as well as successful existing and rewarded innovation cases stemming from the latest edition of EIPA’s European Public Sector Award (EPSA 2017). You will learn about current trends and tools in innovative policy-making and improved public services used by international organisations such as the European Commission or Nesta, including the reform potential of digital technologies, leading-edge methodologies such as behavioural insights, experiments, co-creation and design thinking, and practice the building of local innovation systems and their management.

How will it help you?
At the end of this course you know how to:
  • co-create and co-design new services.
  • develop an Innovation Agenda: from defining challenges to ultimately converting them into projects ready for launch.
  • foster an experimental culture in your organisation, and turn it into a learning organisation capitalising on previous experiences and failures.
  • develop successful innovation projects.
  • ultimately be able to apply different tools and methodologies to define and manage innovation in your own organisation.

Who will benefit most?
This course is aimed at public officials and political and other leaders at the forefront of public service design and/or modernisation and reform efforts from all levels of public administration, as well as at policy officers, staff from NGOs, think tanks and other bodies who are eager to learn how to create innovative and radically new policies, services and architectures responding to specific local, regional or national challenges.

‘Creating a culture of innovation in your organisation is not about thinking, but about doing’.
Glen Mehn, Head of Development Innovation, Nesta

‘There is a strong need for a strategic framework, ownership and dedicated commitment for successful public sector innovations’.
Alexander Heichlinger, Senior Faculty Member, EIPA Barcelona