Integrity in Public Administration

29-31/May/2017  •  Maastricht  •  EIPA members' fee: €1275

Project Leader
Rob Boudewijn
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What is this course about?
This is an advanced training course on how to apply an integrity strategy and policy within a public organisation. The starting point is the current domestic conditions relating to anti-corruption measures. This interactive training provides values, tools and strategic thinking about successful transition programmes within value-driven organisations.

How will it help you?
The course connects domestic states of affairs and experiences with new insights into modern and international policies on integrity. During the training, you will review the different cornerstones of integrity and how to apply ethics with the structure and culture of your organisation, taking political and cultural resistance into account. After all, building good governance requires teamwork.

The course will help you to establish an international network, as you will meet participants from all over Europe. The training will be interactive, making use of the experiences and suggestions that you and the other participants contribute. A learning team within a learning environment will be created. You will learn and investigate the methods required to implement good governance and integrity within a government body, discussing the difficulties that often arise when setting up integrity programmes.

You will prepare for the course at home by reading the book ‘To Be Honest... Finding Inspiration and Integrity in Public Service and Business’ and determine which elements of integrity policy already apply to your own organisation. During the course, you will also write a ‘Back Home Action Plan’ (BHAP) for the promotion and implementation of integrity and good governance in your own department as part of the Civil Service Reform programme.