Certification Programme for Data Protection Officers and Other Data Protection Professionals - Basic and Advanced Module

19-23/Jun/2017  •  Maastricht

Project Leader
Cristiana Turchetti
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few places left EIPAAs of 2018, EU data protection regulations require a Data Protection Officer in both public and private sectors. Does your work involve the processing of personal data? This 5-day course will prepare you in the best way. It will answer your questions on how to become a Data Protection Officer and it will help you deal with data protection issues on a daily work basis.

The course
You benefit directly from a detailed explanation of the key concepts and principles, its actors and roles. The programme is divided into two modules - basic and advanced – and will involve coaching by DPOs of European institutions and agencies and other Data Protection experts. The course is organised in cooperation with the European Data Protection Network - a great chance to learn from several EU institutions.
  • Benefit directly from the insights of Data Protection experts and participate in professional dialogues.
  • Improve your knowledge through in-depth analysis of the present data protection legal framework.
  • Take part in the EIPA certification exam.
  • Receive your qualification as a Data Protection Officer.
  • Benefit from the networking opportunity during the course.

Certification and examination
After the course, you receive a certificate of attendance. Attendance in both modules is in principle required for all participants who want to take part in the certification exam. In case you demonstrate a proven working experience in the field of Data Protection, you can proceed straight to the advanced module.* Visit our website for the Certification Policy:

In case you wish to obtain the ‘EIPA professional certification in Data Protection’, you will have to pass a final test at the end of the advanced module. The examination consists of a multiple-choice test, covering the subject matters dealt with in the plenary sessions in both modules – basic and advanced - followed by open questions. To pass the exam you are strongly advised to study the materials. You can download the reading materials before the course takes place and after we have received your payment. During and after the course you enjoy access to the EIPA network. Here you can exchange views, and stay in contact with experts and other participants.

Who benefits most?
This course is designed for all officers and professionals whose work involves the processing of data, including legal and IT professionals.

* Appointed DPOs of the EU institutions, agencies and bodies with more than two years of seniority in post are allowed to proceed straight to the advanced module, taking into account also other elements such as attendance to the EDPS training or any other relevant data protection training by EIPA or other institutions, as well as to the meetings of the network of the DPOs.