Contract Management for Complex Procurement Contracts? What to Do and How to Do it

9-10/Oct/2017  •  Maastricht

Project Leader
Michael Burnett BA FCA MCIPS MCIPD
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What is this course about?
Value for money in complex public procurement contracts (including PPP) starts with an effective transparent and competitive procurement process to achieve value for money in the award of the contract. But, following the award of the contract, effective contract management is also needed to ensure that procured value for money becomes realised value for money in the contract execution phase. This workshop sets out what needs to be done by awarding bodies to be able to manage awarded contracts effectively both while awarding contracts and in the contract execution phase and how they should do it.

How will it help you?
Because procurement processes for complex public procurement contracts are often lengthy and resource-intensive for an awarding body and conducted to tight deadlines, it is very easy for the pressures of the procurement process and sense of achievement at a successful contract award to lead to neglect of the contract management process. Good planning and selection can thus be undermined by lack of attention to contract management.

This workshop will focus on what to do to create an effective contract management framework for complex public procurement contracts and how to implement it in practice, including:

  • What awarding bodies should do while awarding a contract so that they can manage it effectively in the contract execution phase and how they should do it
  • What awarding bodies should do during the contract execution phase to manage the contract effectively and how they should do it
  • What resources, powers and skills are needed in the contract management team
  • The impact of the rules on modification of contracts in the EU Public Procurement Directives (Directive 2014/24/EU, Directive 2014/25/EU and Directive 2014/23/EU) on contract management in practice.

It uses presentations, case studies and examples of leading edge practice to enable you to manage awarded contracts effectively and will allow time for you to discuss specific issues arising in contracts that you are currently managing.

Who will benefit most?
The workshop is intended for officials from national and sub-national authorities and other public bodies in EU Member States and candidate countries, and also from EU institutions and agencies, who are responsible for the management of complex procurement contracts.  It should also be of value to auditors, private sector providers, professional advisers and academics.



In complex contract management situations, EQ is as important as IQ
Martin Darcy


End users can play a key role in monitoring contract performance – how to involve them is key to success
Michael Burnett

This seminar will also be held in:
9/Oct/18 • Maastricht