Developing Skills for Digital Transformation - What to Do and How to Do it

29-30/Nov/2017  •  Maastricht  •  EIPA members' fee: €900

Project Leader
Michael Burnett BA FCA MCIPS MCIPD
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What is this workshop about?

Public sector bodies are more than ever facing multiple and simultaneous pressures. These challenges come at a time of an increasingly rapid pace of change, requiring public sector bodies to address both immediate needs and issues with important future consequences, to effectively prioritise actions (i.e. not just knowing how to innovate but also to demonstrating that they are innovating to meet the highest priority needs of their stakeholders) and to address the risks of initiative fatigue by avoiding initiative overload. And they need to demonstrate results from digital transformation in the design, commissioning and execution of service transformation services to optimise the use of resources at a time of serious financial constraint and the rapid evolution of disruptive technologies.

But by no means all digital transformation projects realise the expected benefits. And experience shows that key to success is the skills, often new skills, needed to ensure success. By the end of the workshop you will have gained a better understanding of:
  • What the market can currently offer to promote digital transformation;
  • How to design a digital transformation programme, including an assessment of the current scope for digital transformation in your organisation and how quickly such a programme can be implemented;
  • How to prioritise digital transformation projects for implementation;
  • Understanding how to manage the design, commissioning and execution of digital services using cases showing how and why digital transformation projects have succeeded or failed.

Participants will have the opportunity during the workshop - should they wish to - to discuss their own specific cases of the design of a digital transformation programme or specific projects currently being commissioned or in the process of being designed and implemented.

How will it help you?
The workshop will be based on presentations, practical exercises and case studies, with an emphasis on a high level of interactivity. The workshop will offer an excellent platform to discuss specific issues which you are currently facing and exchange experiences and concerns in setting priorities for digital transformation and how to manage the design, commissioning and execution of digital services.

Who will most benefit?
This workshop will be of interest to public officials from government ministries, national executive agencies, regional governments, municipalities, European institutions and agencies and other public sector bodies such as educational institutions who are responsible for responsible for designing, commissioning, delivering and/or managing the execution of digital transformation projects. It will also be of interest to academics and to service providers interested in bidding for digital transformation projects.

Public sector need to know not just how to innovate but where to prioritise innovation and how fast they can innovate successfully to ensure that expected results are delivered for stakeholders

Michael Burnett



What the public sector is facing is more than an era of change - it is a change of era

Evert-Jan Mulder