How to Select and Develop a Successful Proposal for EU 2020 Funding

16-18/Oct/2017  •  Barcelona  •  EIPA members' fee: €999

Project Leader
Alexander Heichlinger
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The environment of EU funding is a competitive one. This course will help you select the right EU funding scheme and to develop a competitive and winning project proposal strategy. With over 10 years of training experience on this specific topic, and having equipped over a 1.000 participants across Europe and neighbouring countries, this successful seminar is one of EIPA Barcelona’s longest-running flagship activities. 

The course
When preparing a proposal for EU funding there are certain key rules, the so called do’s and don’ts, that need to be taken into account. This course will point these out and will help you increase your success rate in the EU funding ‘jungle’ as well as its absorption capacity:

  • Strengthen your skills through the combination of theory and practice;
  • Benefit directly from the opportunity to present your own project ideas and proposals and receive direct individual feedback and advice from our experts;
  • Ask specific questions and receive concrete answers from a lecturer available for tailored technical assistance. A unique opportunity to improve your proposal!

You will receive a specific glossary of the main EU supportive actions (2014-2020) available, the 2017 EC’s priorities and open calls screened from the local and regional actors’ perspectives. Find out which EU funds match your needs and develop your skills to create a winning proposal. Register now!

Who will benefit most? 
This practical seminar and its tailor-made technical assistance are aimed at all levels of public administrations and their agencies, and particularly sub-state authorities or bodies in charge of or involved in the design, development and implementation of projects subject to compliance with European funds. It will also be of interest to NGOs, associations, university departments and consultants planning to respond to EU calls for proposal (or tenders) with their project idea(s).