Internal, External and Performance Audits of the EU-Funded Programmes and Projects

27-29/Sep/2017  •  Luxembourg

Project Leader
Dr Iwona Karwot
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seminar_confirmed_EIPAThe goal of this highly practical full three day course is to give you a complete overview and detailed understanding of all practical aspects of control (external and internal) and audit of EU Funds in the programming period 2014-2020 and the closure of 2007-2013.

Apart from presentation of the relevant legislation, methods of increasing efficiency of control and audits, combating fraud and preventing irregularities, the course will provide practical knowhow trough workshops on audit of public procurement, audit of State Aid and Performance audit.

The unique feature of this seminar is that it covers the experience of internal and external audit experts coming from the public sector, the EU Commission, as well as the European Court of Auditors (ECA) and OLAF.

The course is organised in premises of the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg with active participation of ECA’s auditors.

How will it help you?
The course has a very practical and interactive character. All presentations done by audit experts include concrete examples and real case studies.

Each of them is followed by practical workshop in small working groups with direct involvement of ECA’s auditors (at least one per group), where you will learn about errors and irregularities and the way audits are performed.

Who will most benefit?
Beneficiaries eligible under Structural Funds, Cohesion Fund and IPA (national and regional), Managing Authorities, Certifying Authorities and Audit Authorities, Intermediate Bodies, as well as independent auditors and junior auditors dealing with or interested in EU-funded projects and programmes, and consulting companies specialised in audit of EU Funds or programmes and projects.