Public Procurement for Innovation and Pre-Commercial Procurement in Cities

14-15/Dec/2017  •  Barcelona  •  EIPA members' fee: €900


Interpretations available in Spanish.

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Project Leader
Gracia Vara Arribas
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Barcelona City Council and EIPA offer you a unique opportunity to exchange and share knowledge on how to become a top city in promoting innovation from the demand side. Far from being just a new procedure for buying public goods or services, PPI represents a new way of spending public money to promote innovation from the demand side. In order to achieve this, however, we must shift the focus away from conventional purchasing proceedings and onto building learning organisations that are flexible, open and capable of investing in their internal restructuring, so that they are prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s technological challenges. Besides conventional public procurement, this seminar will concentrate on how we can treat city managers as public investors who are willing and able to create market conditions that enable innovations based on public values.

‘Public Procurement for Innovation’ and ‘Values-oriented innovation policy’ play a key role in bringing about successful institutional change that will highlight the new role of local governments as co-creators and shapers of markets for the good of society. This seminar will focus not only on explaining how to implement PPI and PCP, but also on the role cities play in shaping and creating markets. It will try to answer four key questions:

  1. How to make strategic choices on societal and technological missions using our purchasing power – Needs Assessment and Market Consultation
  2. How to turn public sector institutions into learning organisations that welcome the risks inherent to PPI – Risk Assessment
  3. How to assess different offers in a dynamic way, replacing the conventional ‘cost benefit analysis’ – Life Cost Cycle
  4. How to support a method of PPI that aims to achieve inclusive growth – Financial Aspects

In 2016, EIPA conducted a benchmark study of European best practices in PPI. During 2017, EIPA has assisted the managers of Barcelona City Council in preparing their action plan, the PPI Guide and the long-term training strategy for the professionalisation of public buyers for innovation in the city. We have identified very interesting projects in Europe that have inspired the different stakeholders throughout the process. This seminar gives you the opportunity to make the journey with us, learning from our failures and being sure not to repeat errors. Real-life examples, interviews with the policymakers, lectures and exercises will also provide an in-depth explanation of the internal restructuring needed to change your conventional procurement methods and help you to adapt the lessons learned to your own sphere of activity back home.

Objectives and learning methodology

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will have acquired knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the concepts of PPI, PCP and values-oriented innovation policy, its benefits and the strategies to implement this successfully. They will explore the potential benefits of effectively restructuring public organisations and be taught how to perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the state of play in their home cities. The strong focus on values-oriented public investments will allow participants to design plans on how to implement a real strategy for PPI that enhances the creation of growth and jobs in their own territories. The interactive style of the seminar, coupled with a focus on peer-learning, will enable participants to benefit from each other’s specialist knowledge and explore the best practices and lessons learned from a variety of cities and regions. Throughout the event, participants will receive practical advice, exchange experiences and establish contacts for future partnerships and strategies.

Who will benefit most?

This seminar is open to city managers and civil servants at city level, consultants, enterprises and legal advisers on Public Procurement who wish to learn about the specificities of Public Procurement for Innovation (PPI) and Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP). In essense, we are looking to reach out to decision makers, human resources managers and all those responsible for restructuring their local organisations to ensure they are prepared and able to use public procurement as a means of implementing innovation policy in a structural way.