EU Presidency Challenges: Making Things Work in Your Turn in the Chair

3-5/Oct/2017  •  Maastricht  •  EIPA members' fee: €1179


Interpretations available in French.

Project Leader
Frank Lavadoux
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What is this course about?
The success of a Council Presidency relies heavily on its ability to ensure momentum and achieve results. The Presidency has to deliver results within complex formal and informal procedures, of negotiation, as well as elaborate cross-cultural and inter-personal communications. This seminar looks into the strategic, logistical, procedural and practical actions required to successfully manage these challenges. It also aims to contribute to an exchange of practices and to foster connections between Presidencies.

How will it help you?
The seminar is highly interactive and consists of a combination of simulation exercises, workshops, situation rooms, case studies and presentations. It is organised around the practical aspects of preparing agendas, chairing meetings and leading deliberations and negotiations, both within the Council and with the European Parliament. The seminar also discusses the relationship between the Presidency and the institutions, whilst providing a forum for debate on the preparation and management of the EU Presidency.

Who will benefit most?
The seminar is intended for future working party Chairs and deputy Chairs, members of the Presidency teams, file and Ministry coordinators, capital- or Brussels-based experts and national delegates. Good prior knowledge of EU decision-making is required to take full advantage of the training.