How to register for a seminar

When you have found the training course of your interest, click 'Register' and follow the steps.

Step 1 -Login with your EIPA account or proceed with registration

If you already have an EIPA account please login. If you have forgotten your password, click on 'Forgot your password?' and you will be redirected to the password reset page. If you do not yet have an EIPA account, we advise you to create one; your details will then be filled in automatically when you login in future. Click 'subscribe here.

Ýou can also "proceed with registration" without login.

Step 2 - Activity Order

In this stage you can select the following:

  • The fee which is applicable to you (EIPA member's fee or Regular fee)
  • Other discounts, if applicable

Choose the fee and the number of participants you want to register and proceed to the next step.

Please note:

  • Prior Payment is a condition for participation.
  • Participation in the seminar will only be confirmed after receipt of a confirmation letter

Step 3 - Personal details

If you are a registered customer and have logged in, your personal details are automatically filled in for you. Non-registered customers can complete here their personal details.

In addition, you can register at this stage for lunches or dinners offered (please check the detail
If language translation is offered you can indicate your preference by choosing the preferable language. The languages offered will depend on the seminar. Translation will often only be provided if there are sufficient people requiring it.

Next comes your meal requirements. The lunches are straight forward, 'Dinner' however is used here as a global term and depends on what is offered for this activity, check the 'Download Information Package' , it may be that a reception or similar is offered in place of a dinner. If you have special meal requirements please put these in 'Comments' below, but please be brief!

If you are registering for more than one participant you will see additional tabs for the other participants:

Select each tab in turn and fill in the registration details in the same way as above.
Note that item marked * must be filled in please.

If you want to use a different contact person and address for the invoice choose the "New" button in the 'Invoice Information' box and fill in the requested information.

Press "Proceed to payment method" when you fill the order form.

Step 5 - Payment Method

When your information is correct click the 'Proceed to Payment' method button. Please select your method of payment:
  • For 'Bank Account' select 'complete your order', payment details and invoice will be sent to the address in 'Invoice' you specified earlier. For Bank Account the details will be sent to use electronically, no need to send paper!
  • For 'Credit card' select 'Complete your Order' and supply the required details on the following page. In Cooperation with ABN AMPRO Bank, we use SSL standards to secure our Internet connections.

Step 6 - Confirmation

Here you will see all the information you have entered and can print it from the print button at the bottom.

  • Prior Payment is a condition for participation.
  • Participation in the seminar will only be confirmed after receipt of a confirmation letter